Washington Post Welcomes Cul De Sac Back to the Paper

Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac started out in the Washington Post Magazine 3 years ago as a weekly feature in the Washington Post Magazine. The Post has picked up the feature now that it has gone into syndication.

Tom Shroder, editor of the WP Magazine writes:

Alice is the first among equals in the ensemble of weirdly familiar characters populating Richard Thompson’s “Cul de Sac.” The comic strip debuted on this page February 8, 2004, following a brief courtship. Thompson had been drawing brilliant one-off cartoons for the Style section in his “Richard’s Poor Almanac.” I proposed the strip idea, mainly because I wanted to see what would happen if he created some characters and stuck with them. If memory serves, it took about a year to schedule lunch. After that, we lost momentum.

But, eventually, Thompson came through with what I believe is one of the freshest, most engaging strips published. It has warmth, an inner life that is sorely lacking from so many occupants of the comics pages.