Marital Issues Impacts For Better or For Worse Hybrid

The much anticipated “hybrid” format of Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse this last week has included more original artwork than was originally planned. According to an interview Lynn by Dave Astor at E&P, reveals that at a personal level, Lynn has had to work through a separation with her husband, Rod, this spring and as a result, she’s put more time in on the hybrid than had been planned and that she’s planning to do more original Sunday comics.

But there’s a silver lining of sorts in the breakup of the marriage, which will probably officially end in divorce next April. Johnston, who’s feeling much better about the separation than she did this spring, has been devoting more time to her hybrid comic than initially planned. And she intends to continue doing so — meaning there’ll be more “new” in the new-old “FBorFW” than anyone could have expected.

The interview also includes her rebuttal of critics who are unhappy with Liz and Anthony getting back together.

UPDATE: The L.A. Times also has a story about the changes in FBoFW and Lynn’s life.

5 thoughts on “Marital Issues Impacts For Better or For Worse Hybrid

  1. Johnston said she reunited Elizabeth with Anthony partly because of advice from late “Peanuts” cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. “‘Sparky’ accused me of having too many characters,” she recalled with a chuckle. “‘It’s so confusing,’ he said. He was right.” So bringing back Anthony rather than introducing a new permanent love interest for Elizabeth made sense in that respect.
    Huh?..umm…Sparky, I count almost 15 characters in your strip. Confusing? Try Rerun looking just like Linus!

    Too bad about her marriage. Good thing Lynn seems to be handling Rod leaving her with class. If I were Lynn, I would incorporate this sudden life change into the strip and have John leaving Elly because he was gay. I’d have him running off with a 300lb. biker.

    I would be very spiteful considering I almost ended my feature, one of the most beloved and popular in the history of comics, to spend time with my husband…who then leaves me right as my feature is almost coming to an end!? Despite my dislike of the hybrid format, props to Lynn for being a classy lady…

  2. Very classy of Lynn to be so bold and forthright about events in her personal life. But she’s been so courageous in the strip all along that it’s no surprise. Still, it’s sad. She deserves to be happy and will end up that way, I’m sure.

  3. I had the same reaction as Eric – only perhaps I though Lynn ought to write in a story arc where a new character named, I don’t know, “Rod” tries to hook up with Elly and John pummels him senseless with dental pliers. That might be a bit out of character, but perhaps less so than my next idea of a cross-over where the crocodiles from Pearls Before Swine get to eat the new “Rod” character.

    Yes, Lynn has class and that’s why I’m sure she’ll survive this episode.

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