Local Farley Comic to Come to an End

Phil Frank’s Farley has been a local comic for the San Francisco Chronicle since the mid 1980s, but according to Daryl Cagle it will come to an end today. With the news of the firing of Leo Garza who drew the Nacho Guarache for the San Antonio Express-News, we have Ed Stein and his Denver Square as one of the last – if not the last daily local comic strips in the country. Can anyone point us to another local daily comic?

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  1. My previous comic strip, The Family Monster, ran in the Colorado Daily (Boulder, CO) for about four years. My current comic is carried by them, even though I don’t live there anymore.

    Doing a local daily is a great experience. Lots of people don’t even realize you’re local (probably because there are so few who are).

    I’m not syndicated yet, but having that deadline made me produce much more work than if I was just toiling away alone.

  2. Hello, My name is Jim Adams and I write and draw a daily strip called “Adams’ Apples”, for “The Oregonian” in Portland,OR. My strip began running July 17th 2006. (over a year now!)I’m a full-time elementary school teacher and “Adams’ Apples” is based largely on my experience in the classroom. “The Oregonian” is Portland’s major paper with a daily circulation of just under 420,000.

  3. That’s pretty cool guys. Could you post a link of some samples? Do you get any more interest from syndicates already being carried by at least one paper, or do you still only get the form letter treatment?

  4. BTW – back in the day (college in the mid-seventies) our college paper carried Travels with Farely, as did the Chicago Tribune when I moved there … this is the same strip right? If so, I thought it was a good strip, what caused it to become a local, unsyndicated strip? Lack of sales?

  5. Jim Adams: I am an Oregonian unfortunate enough to be exposed to your strip in the paper everyday. I would strongly suggest you quit both of your jobs immediately. Teaching because you seem to hate it and your students so much, and cartooning becasue YOURS IS THE WORST STRIP I HAVE EVER ENDURED.

  6. to S Wilson,

    How does a person ENDURE a comic strip? If you don’t care for the strip, don’t read it.
    There will never be a strip, book, TV show, movie,etc that EVERYONE likes. The most popular comic strips, are often simultaneously the most disliked.
    As for your comment about me hating my job; Do you mean like Dilbert hating his job or Dagwood hating his boss? It’s called humor!

    – Jim A.

  7. Jim,

    Congratulations on getting into The Oregonian. When Dick Johnson (a very nice man, btw) was responsible for their comic pages for those many years before he retired, they wouldn’t risk going with independent cartoonist. I’m glad that policy has changed. I wish you continued success.

  8. to, Dawn,

    Thanks for the positive energy, I do not presently have a website. However, I’ll have some time for my marketing efforts this summer. A website would be a good thing. Some book publishers have asked permission to reprint three of my stips in some upcoming college textbooks, which is kinda cool. Adams’ Apples appears 6 days a week, so I’m up to just shy of 600 strips so far. I can be reached directly at appletoons@yahoo.com

    – Jim

  9. Jim,

    I just want to let you know I really like your comics. I’m an aspiring teacher myself and I think the jokes are funny. Yours is one of the first ones I want to read when I open up the paper! Keep up the good work!

  10. If you think â??Adamsâ?? Applesâ? is the worst strip around, even just in the Oregonian then you’ve hardly read anything. AA is a good strip, head and heels above most of the more popular older strips. Have you seen Family Circus? Haggar the Horrible? Close to Home? Give the man some credit for trying to do something basically unheard of – independently doing a print comic strip.

  11. Adam’s Apples is really awful. The setups often make no sense (the most unnatural dialogue ever written) and the punchline never pays off. The kids are either too smart or too stupid for anyone to relate (Family Circus is famous for this). I’ve seen other local cartoonists rejected with better (not much) strips. This strip belongs in a teachers’ trade mag or newsletter. Some real talent got screwed over for AA to get in the paper.

  12. I wasn’t able to dig up examples of Adam’s Apples, so I can’t see if it is as horrid as the claims say it is.

    One of the lowest, worst strip was something from the 1960’s called KIWI, which was elementary line drawing, unfunny punch lines and bland ideas. It ran for a bit.

    Worst editorial cartoonist would be Wilmington Delaware’s Jack Jurden, whose slovenliness says he draws with a crayon, and not very well, either. The paper is The News Journal.

    The Family Circus is lame, as is Hagar, as is Marmaduke…but they tend to say something to someone, even though I find all three bad, along with Cathy that screeching noseless problem creator who can’t live without a manufactured crisis…


  13. As the son of a teacher and an acquaintance of many other teachers, I have to say that Adam’s Apples is about the most hilarious cartoon that is run in the Oregonian.

  14. i didn’t really like “adams’ apples” at first, but have grown to like it over time. there have been some definite “LAUGH OUT LOUD” strips. especially if it’s a new strip, it’s understandable that it will take time for characters to develop and find their own voices.

    if you want to talk about a waste of precious space on the oregonian comics page, look no further than “mutts” which is not a comic strip, as it does not seem to even TRY to be funny. it is instead a daily ad and/or guilt trip for pet adoption. might as well run a picture of a kitten instead.

    btw: i stumbled upon this page while looking for today’s “adams’ apples” strip online, as a neighbor apparently stole my oregonian this morning! so i guess that shows that AA is at least worth the effort of searching out when it’s not placed in front of me.

  15. I’ve moved to Missouri and reading AA is one of the things I miss most about Oregon.

    I wish the Joplin Globe would carry it!

  16. Don’t think there are many good cartoon strips left. Adams’ Apples is a great one! I read the Oregonian from ‘cover to cover’ each day, but only read eight cartoon strips. Adams’ Apples is one of my favorites!!! That strip deserves to go national.

  17. Adams’ Apples is incredibly bad! Just. Plain. Awful.

    He must be giving it away for free, because there is no way the Oregonian would pay for it.

    Adams’ Apples has become my litmus test for teachers: If they enjoy it, they’re obviously bad at what they do.

  18. I don’t understand you people. Adam’s Apples is one of my favorite comic strip. Unfortunately I had to give it up because I can no longer afford the Oregonian. My daughter says she will save them and mail them at the end of the week to me.
    Jim Adams keep up the great work.

  19. I don’t understand how anybody can hate a comic strip. If you don’t enjoy a strip, don’t read it. There are quite a few from which to choose. “The Oregonian” has now run over 800 of my “Adams’ Apples” strips, so apparently somebody enjoys it. I’m not raking in a six or seven figure income with the backing of syndicate. I have another full-time career and still manage to pump out a daily strip for a major paper. So, kick back, read the strips you enjoy and live and let live.
    – Jim

  20. every strip has their bad days, but Adams apples
    has more good than bad, todays was really
    good about the stimulus money not going to
    people who make lemonade, but rather to
    people who make lemons! which is correct!
    family circus was ok 30 years ago before they
    started repeating themshelves every other strip.
    mutts is good once every 2 months or so.
    but i agree you can’t please everyone, if you
    don’t like somthing just don’t read it!

  21. Jim—love your strip. Noticed today (1-13-10) in the student’s home there is a ‘painting’ of Mt. Hood. Good going!
    Hubby and I are wondering if you are, in fact, a teacher?

  22. Lame. The strip is usually lame. Puns are a lazy joke. I read it because the ones with substance are good, so take some extra time and write a good one!

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