Cartoon Island Contest Votes off Mary Worth

A couple of weeks ago, I told you that the The Times in Shreveport, LA was holding a “Cartoon Island” contest to see which features should be voted off the funny pages. Candidates for removal included: Mary Worth, Sally Forth, Beetle Bailey, Marvin, Hagar the Horrible, For Better or For Worse, and Curtis. After more than 2,400 votes, Mary Worth has been shown the door. The votes against her were nearly 2 to 1. Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott’s Baby Blues moves from a Sunday only to the daily page as a replacement starting Monday.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Island Contest Votes off Mary Worth

  1. From time to time, sophisticated statements about religion and relationships riddle â??B.C.â? and â??Beetle Baileyâ?.
    Uh…sorta akin to talking about “healthy menu’s” at McDonalds. No.

    As I was reading this article, Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider was on VH1 Classic, and I can’t think of a better theme song for all those Mary Worth fans that testified here about their love of that old duffer..

    Wal-Mart® awaits, Mary. Get those stickers ready, your publics coming…

  2. The deck was stacked against Ms. Worth. It sucks to be a story strip nowdays. Since both are KFS strips, I wonder if there was a money play here?

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