New Quarterly Cartoon Publication to Debut in November

Dave Astor writes that a new quarterly cartooning publication will be debuting in November entitled, “Stay Tooned!” The magazine is being created by John Read who intends to “combine the best parts of ‘Cartoonist PROfiles’ — telling the stories of professional cartoonists, and ‘The Aspiring Cartoonist’ — information and instruction for cartoonists.”

The first edition will have a southern-cartoonist themes and feature Steve Kelley, Marshall Ramsey, Scott Stantis, John Rose, Mark Pett, Marcus Hamilton, Jimmy Johnson, and Greg Cravens.

R.C. Harvey will also write a regular column.

19 thoughts on “New Quarterly Cartoon Publication to Debut in November

  1. I always looked forward to my subscription to Cartoonist PROfiles. It was always such a great read. Before I had internet access, Cartoonist PROfiles was my entry into what the syndicated world of comics was like, an the creative minds behind some of my favorite features and newer features that I would later discover online.

    I hope Stay Tooned is even close to as good as Cartoonist PROfiles was, and I hope amateurs and pro’s alike get behind it.

  2. I really enjoyed getting Cartoonist PROfiles when I was just starting. It always looked handmade (you could see the paste ups)which gave it a certain homey feel.

  3. I’ve been corresponding with John about his endeavor. We’re going to try to meet up at DragonCon this weekend. My first advice about publishing a comics magazine was for him to lie down until the feeling went away, but he’s serious! I wish him the best of luck.

  4. Thank you all for your positive responses! Charles, I got your e-mail. Eric, I promise “Stay Tooned!” will be “close to as good” as “CP” because it’s one of my models. Admittedly, I have my own ideas about how it should look – wait’ll ya’ll see my first cover! I don’t know about it having “a homey feel” (Brian), but I have to say you definately won’t see paste-up lines. Tom, I would like to treat you to lunch!

  5. John, let us know as soon as your website is up! I look forward to subscribing! I miss what CP offered…no pressure;)

  6. I’m an 84 year old has been who is always looking to get back in the business. Haven’t read a cartoon publication since 1953. Would love to see yours. Joe Gillen

  7. Hello, Joe. I hope you stay around and talk to us here! I know that I for one would love to hear your stories about the biz.


  9. I was just wondering about this myself. It is November, you know, and I was wondering when the first issue will be published. I’m really hoping that this won’t fall through…do you have any new information, John? Charles?

  10. Well I hope this new magazine will be a success like Witty World . I don’t know much about Cartoonist Profile since I have been drawing for only some 50 or more years and haven’t had much contact with the stuff out there for cartoonists . I mainly draw my stuff and give it away . I spend 2-4 hours on a drawing an end up giving it to some kid or a friend . I’ve given away over 3000 drawings in the past years . I still draw for the fun of it . I make up all my stuff and either throw it away or stick it in a folder to make copies of or give them away to friends . I subscribe to cartoon Oppertunities an give Bill Keough alot of my sketches and he put some of them on the cover of his newsletter and in the cartoonist of the month . I have’t sold any work since 1972 when I got 20 dollars for a cartoon I sold to a teacher that wanted to get back at another teacher for something she did . Now I send stuff to my sister and to Reed and Taylor in Fargo North Dakota on Broadway Ave . Donna the store manager sells my stuff I guess or gives it away I don’t know but anyway it is good advertising for my work . I do alot of advertising art free. I have done Kobes Chinese food and before that I did a Gyro food store and my stuff ended up in New york and India . I do some drawing in fast food places and in resturants they even framed some of my work in Morton Illinois and Peoria . Bob Evans even has some of my work in some of their stores in the kitchen area .
    My work looks like the style of Robert Crumb a little but I have a wide style range so I can do many different types of drawings . I’ve been to five colleges an have a B.A. degree
    in Art . I got tired of school and quit in 72′ and took up printing at a check printing company . for 20 years and when it folded I became a janitor for another 15 or more years. I am retired now an sit around an draw and go to the mall an walk around . So that is what I do now . Ken

  11. I just sent out another hundred or so of my drawings to Cartoon Oppertunities . I have my drawing on the Front Cover this month . Well I got an E-mail from a friend he is an former teacher of mine . He fought in Korean war and lives in Missouri at a place called Rocky Hollow . His name is Al Beck . He used to work at Culver Stockton College where I got my degree in Art . He has 16 books published and taught at Culver for 30 years and was Dean of art in Kansas . He inspired me an pushed me into the art field where there is no
    money or fame or recognition . He has a home in the woods that he made in the style of a Japanese house on 79 acres of woods . He plants seeds from around the world and plays a banjo . He built a studio for his art called a pyrapod . 2.5 stories high like a flower unopened out in the woods with a brass or copper roof all around . He studied in France and his wife does oil photo prints and uses photo shop on them . So anyway he does sculptures in glass fusion and clay an printmaking an assembleges . So all I do is draw read and play video games since I’m retired and have nothing else to do . Ken

  12. Ken you sound like a really interesting guy, I wish you well and I wish your work was more famous. Good Luck!

  13. Hello I thought you would like to know that I recieved a message from my former professor in Missouri and he is getting contacts to some friends he knows and is collecting my drawings and he has a contact with a bookstore owner in Monroe City Missouri an that he wants to sell my work . Of course I didn’t sign anything yet . So I sent him two quires of my drawings . I spent nearly 3 hours signing all my work since I never planned on selling anything . I just gave him my work to keep and collect whenever I come up with some new stuff I send it an don’t ask anything for it . Well who knows what will happen ? I gave him enough material to make a book about 5 inches thick . I had already given him over 200 drawings already and he was knocked off his feet . He is sending me his books of poems and drawings. He has 16 books published so I don’t know . I told him I would be glad to draw pictures for the poems if he wanted me to . So we’ll see what happens . Ken

  14. Greetings I have been busy trying to get rid of the gout in my foot so bear with me . It is hard for me to get to the computer when my foot acts up on me . I can bearly walk sometimes but I can still do some drawings . I finished doing nearly 250 drawings so far . I ran out of cardstock to draw on but today my wife got me two more reams so i am back in business . ken

  15. Greetings fellow artists well I lost two friends this month . One died of old age and at home and the other died in a car crash . I had just finished seeing him at special Olympics when we did the weight lifting part . Well 6:30 pm he met The Lord when a women flew through the intersection and killed him and injured his wife that just had back surgery the week before . Doug was a blind man and senior systems analyst for 29yr at State Farm . It was sad because he will missed at our small groups at church and he had many friends . He was greatly loved and respected . Ken

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