Express-News Lays off Staff Cartoonist

Leo Garza, who has produced the local cartoon Nacho Guarache that has appeared on the San Antonio Express-News editorial page for the last 20 years, has been laid off. The paper’s editorial page editor blames it on simple economics and that their paper was one of the last to have two cartoonists on staff. John Branch will continue on as their staff editorial cartoonist.

Throughout those 20 years, the Express-News has enjoyed the rare luxury of two staff cartoonists, Garza and John Branch. But the changing economic environment confronting newspapers across the nation has forced us to make the difficult decision to discontinue Nacho Guarache.

We know Nacho will be missed, but it is no secret that newspapers must adapt to fast-changing times and new market conditions wrought by the Internet.

And with Leo’s departure, we’ve lost another rarity – the local comic strip. You can see samples of Leo’s Nacho Guarache on the Express-News’ website.

3 thoughts on “Express-News Lays off Staff Cartoonist

  1. This totally sucks for Leo, but it could open a door to a larger opportunity.

    It would be nice if a syndicate were to pick it up and allow Leo to draw his strip for a national audience.
    He’s obviously got a big archive of strips to prove he knows his craft.

  2. The “Duck” should have been dropped if they had to
    drop anyone! Or some of those newly added “non-funny” cartoons. I have been a customer since 1957. I might as well read the news on my computer. Thanks for allowing me to vent!

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