Matt Janz appears in Washington Post online chat

I missed this one. Matt Janz, creator of Out of the Gene Pool was last week’s Washington Post’s Meet the Comics Pages online chat guest. The transcript is still available online.

2 thoughts on “Matt Janz appears in Washington Post online chat

  1. I recently started reading the Washington Post Comic and the 2 weeks reading them I have been totally offended by the strip written by Matt Janz. As an African American female, I find last weeks offensive comic about “clean being relative” and this weeks basically stating that the female didnâ??t know her left from her right to be extremely offensive. I canâ??t believe the Washington Post is printing this mess.

  2. I hear what you’re saying, but I think your consternation stems from your own statement — you recently started reading.

    If you’re only reading the Sunday comics, you’re missing 99% of the story.

    Zoogie (the bear critter) only dates brainless bimbos.

    Jackie will forego housework, as many of us will, in favor of her career or a date. Her world is so focused that she didn’t even know her new man was a professional baseball player; all she knew was he worked on weekends.

    I suggest that you go to Comics.Com and catch up on some of the daily scripts. You’ll find that all of the actions you find offensive are quite in context with the characters, and not at all offensive once you get to know the storyline.

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