Bill Mauldin collection set for print in February

Bill Mauldin, best known for his Willie and Joe characters to comment on World War II, will have a two-volume collection set published by Fantagraphics Books. According to E&P, many of the WWII cartoons have never been reprinted before. The book is entitlted “Willie & Joe: The WWII Years” and is slated for release in February of next year.

2 thoughts on “Bill Mauldin collection set for print in February

  1. Awesome.
    I’ve read in many places Charles Schulz cited “Willie and Joe” as an influence and I always thought it would be interesting to read it.
    But February is a long way away…

  2. I’m graduating to this post from the controversial one because I love Bill Mauldin. Willie and Joe would have a thing or two to say about Ted Rall. No comparing the wars, though, obviously.

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