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Simpson Movie opens this Friday; Groening getting lots of press

Matt Groening is getting a lot of press as The Simpson’s movie debut nears (this Friday). The Independent has a great write up on Matt’s career from waiting tables, creating the alternative comic Life in Hell to creating The Simpson’s franchise (worth $2 billion/annually).

Community Comments

#1 Rich
@ 9:20 am

Thank you Tracy Ullman (sp)!!! Amazing what’s become of the 5 minute short cartoon from that comedy show! Doh!

#2 Jeff Koval
@ 9:38 am

The good news is that according to Cartoon Brew, the London Times has a very positive review. Hope there’s more coming.

#3 Tom Heintjes
@ 8:10 am

Matt was very good on the Daily Show the other night (despite the new over-the-shoulder camera angle they unveiled during the interview). The clip they showed of the family in Alaska was very funny!

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