Funky Winkerbean, FBOFW, Mallard Fillmore Return to LA Daily News

As noted earlier the L.A. Daily News dropped 10 comic features but under overwhelming comic reader complaints the editor is reinstating several of the features.

“For Better or For Worse,” “Funky Winkerbean” and “Mallard Fillmore” were at the top of your list and they will return to the daily LA.COM section within a matter of days. We also are bringing back the horoscope you like and some other comics and features that are very popular.

He doesn’t mention the “some other” comics. Anyone in the LA area that can name the others?

6 thoughts on “Funky Winkerbean, FBOFW, Mallard Fillmore Return to LA Daily News

  1. Are Beetle Bailey, Garfield, and Hagar coming back? Beetle Bailey was one of the four comics reinstated in the Press-Telegram (Long Beach) along with For Better or For Worse, Mark Trail and Dennis the Menace. The Press-Telegram had originally replaced these features with newer comics like the Daily News.

  2. this is why new comics never get a chance while old ones remain that…old. we’ll see what happens, but this is a shame!

  3. Gotta applaud the attempt by the L.A. Daily News – someone up there had some cojones to attempt such a radical move. Hopefully the outcome will still benefit new creators and fans of newer comics. In hindsight it probably would have been a better business model to plan to remove the 10 one at a time over a year to reduce the backlash and ease older readers into the ultimate vision for their comics page. Let’s hope other publications see it this way instead of seeing the backlash and continuing to run the old stuff forever. Just my $.02 – me!

  4. Judge Parker, another oldie, but goodie, is likely to return. Dick Tracy, alas, is not as likely to return.

  5. I just found out today that 5 other comics are returning to the Daily News on Monday. Besides Funky Winkerbean, For Better or For Worse, and Mallard Fillmore, the other ones returning are: Beetle Bailey, Garfield, Hagar the Horrible, Judge Parker, and One Big Happy. I, for one, am pleased with this decision.

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