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I’m on vacation; guest bloggers to keep things going

I’m heading out later this afternoon to Seattle for a bit of R&R (my wife and kids are already up there). I’ll be away for about a week, but three generous people have stepped up and offered to keep the blog updated while I’m away. I’d like to thank Charles Brubaker, Ted Slampyak and Tom Spurgeon (yes – THAT Tom Spurgeon) who have offered their time to keep all you Daily Cartoonists up to date. Thank you so much gentlemen, a I’m sure regular visitors will also appreciate your help.

I’ve introduced a new feature there on the right side of the page. I can use a Twitter account and post small messages (such as when I anticipate updating the blog next). I’ll give it a go and see how useful it is.

Lastly, I was so busy this week that I wasn’t able to work on a scheme I came up with to prevent spam from getting into the comments section (the blog automatically stops a couple hundred a day from getting through, but 2-3 usually sneak through that I have to manually clean up). So, have patience, I’ll weed that filth out when I get back. My apologies.

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