PreTeena characters ‘join’ tween social web site

PreTeena creator Allison Barrows and some of her characters have joined a kids-safe networking site ( for tween age girls (9-15) in efforts to “hear comments from the girls, gain suggestions, and really get into this age-group’s head.” The partnership offers Alison the opportunity to become engaged with her sample audience.

It doesn’t appear that the comic strip will run on the site, but that Alison will be able to comment about her strip, and allow girls to make comments such as “dude like so kool im going to ask her wat she thinks about this dude that i like.” (That’s a real quote.)

Hope it works out.

One thought on “PreTeena characters ‘join’ tween social web site

  1. The comic strip does appear on the site. And here are other quotes from the site (since the article above chose the only one unrelated to PreTeena):

    â??that comic was funny! great job…again. LOLâ?

    â??I luv comics and you are a great inspiration for me! I wish I could draw!”

    â??Welcome to AllyKatzz!!! I love your strip ! I look forward to seeing tomorrow’s newest!â?

    “Your comic strip is hilarious! I love it!â?

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