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New Manga Musical Written by Jerry Robinson Scheduled for July

Jerry Robinson, co-author of Manga comic Astra, has a musical play based on the comic that will be performed at the Warehouse Theatre from July 7-14 in Washington D.C. The feature is a tongue-in-cheek parody about Astra who is “a fearless, no-fuss woman who visits Earth for the first time, attempting to save her all-female planet from extinction. Her mission? To capture sperm. While discovering men for the first time on Earth, Astra also observes a confused world in the midst of a Cold War.”

Jerry is best known for his contributions to the Batman comic strip, was a past president of the NCS and was awarded the 2002 The Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award given for a lifetime of outstanding and accomplished work.

There’s an interesting interview with Jerry published in 2002 on the Main Event web site regarding much of Jerry’s career.

Community Comments

#1 Lynn Sharp Spears
@ 11:22 pm

You should come see this funny, entertaining show!
I play Queen Cosma, and am also doing some live cartooning during the show. The cast is extremely talented-you’ll have a blast!

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