Woody Wilson talks about how to become a comic strip writer

Over at the Publishing Spot is a mini Q and A with Rex Morgan, M.D. and Judge Parker writer Woody Wilson.

Questions answered:

  • How did you become involved writing comic strip scripts?
  • Any advice for young writers looking to get involved with writing for newspaper comic strips?

5 thoughts on “Woody Wilson talks about how to become a comic strip writer

  1. Dear Alan,

    Thanks so much for the link! It’s a real honor to be included in your collection of professional content and links. I hope your readers enjoy the feature.

    I’m always looking for new writers to interview and read, no matter what medium they employ. Also, if your readers are interested in reading the complete Woody Wilson interview, you can find it here:

    Thanks again for your support.

    Jason Boog

  2. Hi there;

    I would like to know more about writing comic strips.I have done some poetry,think that now im ready to move on as a writer.
    I would like to get some good advices.

  3. i know im only 11 but im pretty funny so getting into the sunday comics wouls be my dream. Or if i learned how to publush a comic book id be fine. Advice i would love

  4. Mr. Wilson:

    Have you considered writing a story for Rex Morgan or Judge Parker about Human Trafficking?


    Roy A. Jenks

  5. Hi. Thanks for providing this forum. It KILLS me every time I read these age- old newspaper comics that just AREN ‘t funny or thought-provoking. I’ve asked myself for years how they get paid for that.

    I have good, relevant content for my demographic. How can I bring my unique (and guaranteed funnier and more thought-provoking than the status quo) comics to the masses ?

    Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your knowledge, experience and advise with us dreamers!

    Best regards,
    Patty K.

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