Hogan’s Alley Posts Reuben Weekend Photos

Hogan’s Alley has posted photos of this year’s Reuben Weekend.

7 thoughts on “Hogan’s Alley Posts Reuben Weekend Photos

  1. I recognize most of the attendees, but who is that Jane Mascorro? She’s very easy on the eyes.

  2. Eric…mystery solved. Jane Mascorro is the longtime girlfriend of cartoonist Bill Schorr (The Grizzwells).

  3. Thanks, Mark. I can sleep easy now that we have some background to the hot mystery woman. Now if only Mr. Schorr would bring back “Conrad”. I liked that strip far better than “The Grizzwells”…

  4. Hello, I went to high school with Jane and she is attractive now as she was then. If Jane or anyone still in contact with Mr. Schorr would you be so kind as to please forward the message that Amy would like very much to re-establish contact. Several of Jane’s old time acquaintances are online @ FaceBook. Thanks in advance.

  5. How funny that Jane Mascorro turned up on here. I dated her in college (1993?). She must be in her early 40’s now. Still looks the same!

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