Cameos galore in this week’s Stone Soup

E&P noticed that the “gals” are getting together over in the Stone Soup strip. Stone Soup character Joan is having a baby shower and Elly (For Better or For Worse), Cathy (Cathy), Connie (Zits mom), and Alice from Dilbert have made cameo appearances. See today and yesterday’s strip.

I find this interesting. Who do you invite when you write up a story line like this? “I should invite Blondie, but being in over 2000 newspapers, sometimes I think she thinks she’s too big to show up to this kind of party. And then there that Miss Buxely, what a tramp! I won’t have her in my home. But oh, that dear sweet Connie – I don’t know how she puts up with the son of hers…”

I suppose you bring in who will help you with the gag, but I do wonder what the thought process was like.

One thought on “Cameos galore in this week’s Stone Soup

  1. I know there are those that do not like comics crossovers, but I am not among them. I love to see my favorite characters in this kind of thing. I will never forget Blondie’s anniversary.
    The best part is that they involve strips by artists that are from all different distributors.
    Could you imagine networks doing that? Forget about it!
    Still, it is not something that can be done on a regular basis. Too much of a good thing, after all.

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