Get Fuzzy dropped from Herald Tribune

Darby Conley’s Get Fuzzy was recently dropped from the Herald Tribune (FL) and the editor wanted to explain why – as well as apologize for allowing Mallard Filmore into the paper.

I thought “Mallard” was annoying, stupid and worst of all, not funny. I wrote a nice story about Tinsley for my editor and “Mallard” has been in the paper ever since. This is the first time I have made this scandal public since I told my wife, who has ever since referred to me as “that person responsible for ‘Mallard Fillmore’,” only she usually substitutes a word other than “person.”

You can’t please all of the people all of the time and that especially goes for comic strips. The last time we asked you, the reading public, to tell us what you thought about the comic strips we ran, the building settled several feet due to the weight of the mail. (Yes, people actually wrote us letters back then. Often in longhand. The fact that they were sometimes profane was offset by the fact that they were illegible, so we could throw them away.)

3 thoughts on “Get Fuzzy dropped from Herald Tribune

  1. “Mallard Fillmore” is a dripping pustule on the behind of american discourse. Its mean-spirited daily dose of Limbaughesque tripe is suited only for the most desperate of comic pages…. i was hopeful that after the “cartoonist”‘s recent spate of drunk driving arrests he would just get laughed out of the business… guess you can never predict the lowest common denominator though

  2. God Bless the Republicans for showing their best effort on a Right-Wing biased comic strip – now compare Mallard Fillmore to Doonesbury to see the differences…. Wow!

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