Cartoonists in the news: Dan Piraro

Dan Piraro gets a write-up in The Suburban (Quebec) about his feature Bizarro. Some of the material covered includes: life as a syndicated cartoonist, his interest in environmental and animal rights, and religion.

2 thoughts on “Cartoonists in the news: Dan Piraro

  1. It may come to Piraro’s surprise that even conservatives like myself enjoy a good laugh and great art. When he calls people who don’t subscribe to his fervent preaching names, he fails to recognize he may very well be spitting in the face of people who might otherwise call themselves a fan of his work.

    Classically shortsighted.

  2. I used to be a big fan. Besides the humor, I enjoyed finding the hidden pie slice and firecracker (or TNT?) in each panel. Then I went to one of his shows and found it packed with vituperation. Have hardly looked at Bizarro since.

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