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Washington Post Adds Sherman’s Lagoon, Lio; drops B.C., Wizard of Id

The Washington Post has announced that they are adding Sherman’s Lagoon and Lio to their daily round up and dropping B.C. and The Wizard of Id.

I can understand editor’s willingness to drop B.C. – the original creator has died and it’s uncertain how well it will continue in “legacy mode”. But to drop The Wizard of Id for the same reason seems quite unfair. Brant’s son, Jeff, has been the one doing that strip for the last ten years. Had there been no announcement of Brant’s passing, nary a soul would notice a change in the comic as the transition to “legacy mode” was done long ago.

Hat Tip: ComicsDC

Community Comments

#1 John Sayers
@ 7:32 am

Only the timing is unfair. “The Wizard of Id” has been halfhearted and lackluster since about 7 years into its run. If anything, Mr. Parker’s passing merely gave editors the impetus to reexamine why they continue to run the strip when new and interesting properties (like Lio) become available.

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