Reuben weekend reviews

For those of us who couldn’t make it to this year’s Reuben Awards Weekend we’ll have to live vicariously through those who did. Reports are starting to trickle in from the attendees. Here’s the reports I’ve gathered so far and will continue to update.

Mike Lynch is the first one with photos. And I suspect there will be more.

Tom Richmonddetailed review of the activities as well as photos.

More as they are posted!

One thought on “Reuben weekend reviews

  1. I always enjoy the poster that they come up with for the Reuben’s, but I wish they’d find a way to work in the characters of the nominated strips, panels and tv shows. It might put a bit more focus on the nominees and their work as oppossed to just featuring well known characters. They’ve had some very cool posters over the years…

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