AAEC holds online auction to raise money for classroom project

Association of American Editorial Cartoonists will be holding an online auction beginning May 10th through the 20th to raise money for their “Cartoons in the Classroom” project. While the bidding doesn’t start until the 10th, you can see the cartoons on the AAEC web site. Cartoonist’s work include: Nick Anderson, Tony Auth, Rex Babin, Clay Bennett, Steve Breen, Jeff Danziger, Matt Davies, Walt Handelsman, David Horsey, Kevin Kallaugher, Mike Keefe, Steve Kelley, Dick Locher, Mike Luckovich, Jimmy Margulies, Jim Morin, Jack Ohman, Joel Pett, Bruce Plante, Ted Rall, Michael Ramirez, Rob Rogers, Steve Sack, Ben Sargent, John Sherffius, Ed Stein, Ann Telnaes, Mike Thompson, Tom Toles, and Signe Wilkinson.

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase some original cartoon art. Having had the opportunity to see some of the above artists’ originals while I visited the OSU Cartoon Library earlier this spring, I can say having an original to look at and study is a wonderful experience. The added bonus here is that you’re helping the organization’s project to raise awareness of editorial cartooning. It’s a double win. Please take the time to view these originals and bid on the one’s that interest you.

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