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Edison Lee launches brilliant web site

John Hambrock has launched a new web site for his feature The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee. It’s a quality web site that features a gallery of some of John’s favorite strips, a news blog as well as discussion forum (both are sparse or unlaunched at the moment). The site’s brand new – you can still smell the paint on the walls.

Community Comments

#1 John H
@ 2:41 pm


Thank you for the announcement. I will be posting additions to the site in the coming weeks, so I invite readers to check in from time to time. My goal is to have the forum up and running as early as next week.

#2 MJ
@ 7:54 pm

Wow, awesome site. Great strip work.

#3 Albert Malian
@ 7:23 pm

Wow. Nice site. Love the color thing you have going. And I never heard of this “Daily Ink” before. I’ll check it out.

#4 Charles Brubaker
@ 7:28 pm

Nice website, John. Good to finally have an “Edison Lee” site.

#5 Jeff Stanson
@ 9:42 pm

DailyINK is well worth the price. I encourage Albert and anyone else to spend the measley $15 a year to subscribe. Now if only the other syndicates would provide subscription services that offer strips as large as DailyINK does (with their “magnifying glass” feature) and include runs of their classic adventure strips.

#6 Bree Berner
@ 11:01 am

Nice site! Very clean and attractive. Good sampling of strips too.
Is there a listing of newspapers currently running the strip?

#7 John H
@ 10:44 am

I’d like to thank everyone for their e-mails and support both here and on the web-site. The forum section is now fully operational and ready for discussion.

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