AAEC convention plans becoming more defined

Rob Rogers, AAEC president has posted an update on the AAEC convention schedule in Washington D.C. this year. Here are the events, speakers and sessions that have been lined up so far:

As far as scheduled events, a pre-convention fund-raiser is scheduled for July 3rd to raise money for the AAEC. D.C. citizens are invited to come and visit with the cartoonist (cartoonists get in free). This event will include a all-star cartoon panel and Q&A session. Other events include the “Bush Leaguers: Cartoonists Take on the White House” cartoon exhibit at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center. A couple of meals have also been announced. Attendees can look forward to a dinner at the National Press Club and a lunch at the Washington Post.

The keynote speaker is still unconfirmed, but Helen Thomas of the White House Press Corps will be there. Additionally, Flemming Rose, the Danish editor who published the Mohammed cartoons will also be in attendance.

As far as the panels, they include:

  • What Do You Mean You’re Not Animating Yet?
  • Drawing Cultures: How Muslims And Americans Cartoon Each Other
  • What’s So Funny About War
  • Blog Or Die
  • The Future Of Editorial Cartooning: A Town Hall Meeting
  • Regarding the Town Hall meeting, Rob writes:

    The town hall meeting grew out of a need to address the pressing issues facing editorial cartoonists and the AAEC in the midst of so many layoffs and a troubling economic downturn in the newspaper industry. It promises to be a lively session. We hope to come up with ways that the AAEC, whose survival depends on cartoonists having income, can play a more active role in fighting against these alarming trends.

    And lastly, Rob has created an incentive for members to donate to the Challenge Fund for Journalism matching grant campaign. The matching grant money is to be used for their Cartoons for the Classroom program, but as of March 1, the AAEC has only raised $4,000 of the $15,000 necessary. Rob has stated that the first 30 cartoonists to donate $100 or more are eligible to be on an extensive list for a special tour of the Library of Congress’ cartoon collection. Only 30 can go.