Saturday’s Dilbert strip pulled after Virginia Tech shootings

Saturday’s Dilbert strip was switched out with a repeat because the scheduled strip made a reference to serial killing and on the heels of the Virginia Tech shootings, Scott felt that would not be well received. From Scott Adam’s blog:

Yes, today’s Dilbert comic (Saturday) is a repeat. Here’s the scoop.

I submit my comics a month or so in advance, then forget about them. Yesterday I got a call from my syndication company, United Media, alerting me that the comic scheduled for today makes a casual reference to serial killing.

Obviously this is exceptionally bad timing. The average reader doesn’t know how far in advance the comics are submitted, and it would look cruel, possibly intentional, given recent events.

One option was to alert client newspapers and give them the option of running the comic or replacing it with a repeat. I decided to go further and ask all of the newspapers to run the repeat. Some papers did not get enough notice to make the change. Comics are sometimes typeset in advance, depending on what technology the newspaper company uses. So I’m in for a bumpy ride today. Wish me luck.

I apologize for any bad feelings the comic might cause for anyone who sees it.

Tip of the hat to E&P.

One thought on “Saturday’s Dilbert strip pulled after Virginia Tech shootings

  1. Heh.

    My newspaper, Stars and Stripes, ran the original “serial killer” strip (they probably didn’t get the replacement strip in time).

    Did any other newspapers ran the original?

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