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Milton Caniff is the rage – go check out his originals online

Milton Caniff seems to be the big rage this year – and deservedly so. It was his collection that jump-started the OSU Cartoon Research Library that is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary and will focus on Milton this October during the Festival of Cartoon Art, R.C. Harvey is writing Milton’s biography, and Humorous Maximus received permission to run Steve Canyon on their web site.

Now we have news that the The International Animated Film Society: ASIFA-Hollywood is also engaged in creating an animation archive. One such supporter is John Ellis who worked with the Caniff family to produce a DVD release of the live action Steve Canyon television series. It was while working with the family, they discovered more original strips. The family allowed ASIFA-Hollywood to scan and post them online. While it’s not the same as looking at physical hard-copy originals, this is worth a few moments of your time to check out the level of detail that this guy produced. Amazing stuff.

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