Marshall Rogers passes at age 57

The LA Times is reporting that Marshall Rogers, best know of his work on the Batman comic book, passed away suddenly on Sunday at the age of 57. During his career he worked on other characters such as Silver Surfer, Mister Miracle, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist and G.I. Joe. He was the artist for a brief revival of the Batman character in a daily comic strip that ran from November 1989 through August 1991.

3 thoughts on “Marshall Rogers passes at age 57

  1. Thanks for the news, even though very sad.

    He worked on some really classic comics. I’ll have to look back at my SS and DS comics and see if any were his work.

  2. Umm, not to sound harsh but in his NY Times obituary it says

    “Mr. Rogersâ??s work with the writer Steve Englehart on just six issues of Detective Comics was important in redefining Batman, returning him to his pulp roots as an urban vigilante and helping shake off the camp elements popularized by the Adam West television series a decade earlier. These â??Dark Detectiveâ? stories, as they came to be known, laid the blueprint and set the tone for decades of future Batman stories.”

    I’m not sure who wrote that but I beg to differ. It was Neal Adams that brought the Dark Knight back to his roots after the Adam West era a decade earlier and he did it much, much better.

  3. BAM! POW! BIF! SMACK! … doesn’t get any better than this 😉 – for a campy TV show which I loved as a kid.

    Batman went through a whole lot of transitions over the years in the comic books (and TV, movies, animation) but it always seemed to be DC’s best comic. Although I really liked Green Lantern back in the day! Overall, gotta say I preferred Marvel to DC.

    Should be interesting to see what the next FF does with Galatus and the Silver Surfer.

    But we digress … anyone contributing to the classic comics that MR did, will be missed. One doesn’t have to be the best at something to contribute! One never know what else was at play since comics are usually a staff effort.

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