CEO Dad to be made into animated short

A couple of people emailed me with the announcement that CNBC is developing an animated series based on Tom Stern’s comic strip CEO Dad. According to Hollywood Reporter, the initial plan is to create five one-minute animated shorts based on Tom’s strip that may run during prime-time programming. If all goes well, a full series might be in the works.

In related Tom Stern news, his new book CEO Dad: How to Avoid Getting Fired by Your Family will be hitting book stores in April.

In another related Tom Stern news (kind of): Tom maintains a blog – often written from the voice of his main character Frank Pitt – who is trying to pick a fight with Dilbert – his main competitor in the business-comic strip genre. It starts here and rambles to here, here here, here, here, and finally an apology here.

One thought on “CEO Dad to be made into animated short

  1. Next you’ll be telling us they’re making a live-action Garfield movie. lol

    *receives note*

    *whispering* “What! Really?… TWO of them?!”

    *ahem* Never mind.

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