Comic page line up changes

Opus now appears in Tribune Democrat (Johnston, PA). First time Berkeley Breathed’s work has graced their pages…ever.

The Capitol (MD) opines about how difficult it is to switch strips in and out of the funny pages but settles on adding the following for their Sunday selection: Pearls Before Swine Pickles and Non Sequitur. Outgoing strips include: Candorville, Alley Oop and Frazz. Their shake up is after tabulating 1000+ survey responses.

3 thoughts on “Comic page line up changes

  1. Since I was vacationing in Johnston this week, I can confirm that two other comics were added in Tribune-Democrat: “On a Claire Day” and “Pooch Cafe”

  2. They never had “Bloom County?” “Bloom County” seems to have been such a staple in the 1980s that I find it surprising that this paper never carried it. Well, at least they’re carrying “Opus” now, although I am regretful to say that it is not as great as “Bloom County,” nor will it ever be. I think that the reason lies in the fact that it is Sundays-only, so it will never have any of those extended storylines that made “Bloom County” so great.

  3. Okay, one more comic was added in Tribune-Democrat: One Big Happy.

    They removed Shoe, Get Fuzzy, and one other (that I can’t remember) in order to add them.

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