Blogging to be intermittent this week

This week, I’ll be spending much of my normal blogging time working on my presentation that I’ll be giving at the Lakeland Community College Comic Symposium this Saturday. As a result, blog posts here will not always be at the normal time (morning). If you don’t see the blog updated in the morning (8:00 am MST), then check back in the afternoon as I’ll be posting the news during my lunch break. There will also be times in the evening when I try to post stuff I couldn’t get to during lunch.

If you’re in the Cleveland OH area (Kirtland) this weekend, come on over the symposium. It’s free to the public and you can hear John Forgetta and Kathy Dow, creative team for the feature The Meaning of Lila. Other speakers include: Dr. Michael Bitz, Founder and Director of The Comic Book Project, Tony Isabella, editor, writer, creator, columnist who has worked for both Marvel and DC Comics; Ron Hill, Professional Artist/Art Teacher, and Dr. Charles Coletta, American Cultural Studies, Popular Culture Program at BGSU. The program will be well worth your time.

3 thoughts on “Blogging to be intermittent this week

  1. Alan,

    Nice photo dude. Wish I knew about this a month ago, I would have made the trek up from Dayton, if nothing else to thank you for this great forum! Of course the whole symposium looks pretty interesting. Hope it goes well. Maybe you can post a transcript?

  2. I’ll do you one better. I plan on recording my portion of the symposium. If it’s a decent recording I’ll post it for everyone’s enjoyment.

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