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Commission calls on cartoonists to recognize Memorial Day in their artwork

In a letter to NCS president Rick Stromoski, Carmella LaSpada, the director The Commission on Remembrance, is asking that comic strip and editorial cartoonist to mention Memorial Day in their artwork – specifically on Memorial Day. The commission is a Congressionally created organization tasked to “encourage Americans to honor those who died for our freedoms by giving something back to our country in their memory.” The message she is hoping to convey is that wherever one might be at 3:00 pm on Memorial Day that they pause “for a Moment of reflection and commitment to give back to our country in memory of our Nationâ??s fallen.”

For more information on the commission, visit their web site.

Community Comments

#1 Rich
@ 1:54 pm

I hope this does well. I wonder if it will have as much participation as *sunshine* week. I think I’ll try to do one anyway … hopefully it won’t suffer from the same “assignment” syndrome as it seemed sunshine week did.

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