Editorial cartoonist Roger Harvell loses job with Greenville News

From the AAEC web site comes sad news that the Greenville News (Greenville SC) has eliminated Roger Harvell’s job as a staff editorial cartoonist and has said that there is no funding for the position in the future. The Greenville News has a circulation of 112,000.

5 thoughts on “Editorial cartoonist Roger Harvell loses job with Greenville News

  1. I wondered where Mr. Harvell went & now I know. It is just another turn in the downward spiral of the Greenville News. The News has become a rag, just another Gannett moneymaker with little or no news and now, no local editorial cartoonist. While I did not always agree with Mr. Harvell’s P.O.V., I always respected his views and always looked for his cartoon. He will be missed by thinking people in Greenville.

  2. A fantastic cartoonist almost in the realm of Herb McNelly. He is not the loser but conversely the winner. The Greenville News has become so rundown as a newspaper that employment by them does not enhance the professionalism of the employee. I called a tel# of a Harvell in Arkansas and left a message for the call to be returned if it was Roger, but have heard nothing. I would like to know when and where Rogers future cartoons will land. I will bookmark the paper. If you read this Roger please let me hear from you.

  3. So happy to see that Harvell’s cartoons are back in the
    Greenville News.
    He is so much more clever and on point than any of the national cartoonists!
    Thank you, Roger. Keep gigging!

  4. I am a distant cousin of Roger Harvell and would like to reconnect with him –we did genealogy work togther mostly on his part. I have been out of town and cannot reach him by his old e-mail address.
    Would appreciate your passing this message on to him.
    Margie Evjen, Aransas Pass, Tx

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