Washington Post makes several line up changes

The Washington Post has announced that they are making several comic page changes. Starting on Monday, they are adding three new comics: Agnes (Tony Cochran) Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! (Tim Rickard) and Brevity (Guy Endore-Kaiser and Rodd Perry). Brevity with alternate with Close to Home (John McPherson). Dave Coverly’s Speed Bump will now run seven days a week (I presume it was alternating with Close to Home).

Out the door goes Mary Worth, Cathy, Broom Hilda, The Flying McCoys and The Other Coast (these last two will continue to run on their web site.)

And lastly Lio begins on Sunday March 25th as a Sunday-only.

One thought on “Washington Post makes several line up changes

  1. I miss Cathy, the comic strip. Since she got married, she’s fresh again.
    As for Dagwood, I never really thought it was funny.

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