Mike Luckovich takes National Headliners Award…again (Updated)

Mike Luckovich, the two time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist, has won the National Headliners Award for the second straight year according to E&P. Second and third place went to Matt Davies (The Journal-News) and Adam Zyglis (The Buffalo News).

The National Headliners Award is the first big prize for editorial cartooning to be announced this year. Still to come is the Pulitzer Prize (April 16th), Overseas Press Club (award dinner scheduled for April 26 – expect announcement soon), the Sigma Delta Chi (announcement probably in early April?) as well as the Reuben Award (Labor Day weekend).

UPDATED: Russ W reminded me of two other major awards the Herblock Prize and the John Fischetti editorial cartoon competition. The Herblock Prize has already been awarded to Jim Morin. I could not find a firm date when the Fischetti will be announced, but from earlier press releases it appears that it’s typically late March-early April. One other award that was brought to my attention is the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award. That has just been announced and Steve Benson took that prize this year for editorial cartooning.

3 thoughts on “Mike Luckovich takes National Headliners Award…again (Updated)

  1. so…what constitutes a major prize…what about the Herblock and the Fischetti ?

  2. Ah Yes. I’ll add those to the list when I get a second. I need to find their announce dates as well so I can be looking for them. Thanks for the reminder.

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