Handelsman, Anderson, Thompson’s name on leaked Pulitzer Prize finalist list (UPDATED)

E&P has leaked what they are reporting as some of the finalists for the Pulitzer Prize. For editorial cartooning the names include: Walt Handelsman of Newsday, Nick Anderson with the Houston Chronicle, and Mike Thompson at the Detroit Free Press.

A blog named “Blogging New Orleans” reports that Walt had asked the Pulitzer board if animated editorial cartoons were acceptable in light of the new rules that allow online content (they said yes) and Walt is rumored to have included his animated editorial cartoons in his portfolio. If Walt wins (or Nick -if he submitted his animations), it will prove what I said earlier:

I looked over the submission rules tonight and they do allow “online matrial” which I interpret *could* include animated editorial cartoons. I don’t know if any cartoonists submitted any animations as part of their 20 pieces this year, but it’s probably just a matter of time before someone does and it becomes a winning variable.

UPDATED: In an email with Mike Thompson, he mentions that he included his animations in his portfolio. It looks like this might be the year that animated cartoons become serious, recognized editorial content.

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