Candorville, La Cucaracha, Mallard Fillmore dropped from LA Times (UPDATED)

Darrin Bell is getting letters from Candorville fans asking why his feature has been dropped from the LA Times without notice. It’s not just his feature, but also La Cucaracha and Mallard Fillmore that have disappeared. The blog, LA Observed, also mentions that Mr. Boffo is also a casualty in this decision. Both Darrin and La Cucaracha creator Lalo Alcaraz have urged their readers to contact the paper in protest.

UPDATE: LA Observed reports that due to reader feedback, La Cucaracha has been reinstated, but Heathcliff was dumped to make room.

6 thoughts on “Candorville, La Cucaracha, Mallard Fillmore dropped from LA Times (UPDATED)

  1. Please reinstate “Candorville”. Thank you for eliminating “Mallard Fillmore”, which was more of an editorial than cartoon and a cranky one at that.

  2. Well, the fact that Mallard Fillmore has been dropped from the L.A. Times doesn’t really affect L.A. in anyway. This is because it is still running in The Times’ rival paper the Los Angeles Daily News. Other comics that are in both papers include: Dilbert, Drabble, Family Circus, For Better or For Worse, Foxtrot, Get Fuzzy, Marmaduke, and Pearls Before Swine.

  3. Anything bumping out Heathcliff, even if it is the blindly moronic La Cucaracha, is a good thing.

  4. Am glad to be able to read Mallard Fillmore in the L. A. Daily News. Can’t believe the Times brought back La Cucaracha & not M.F.

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