Syndication Bingo update

Last December Aaron Johnson created a bingo board to track his comic strip submission to the big six syndicates. He’s been updating it as the responses have come in. The submission went out on the 21st and Tribune Media responded back on the 29th which is impressively fast considering it’s also during the holiday season. United Media came in on January 8th with Creators’ in on the first of February. For those who enjoy rejection letters, he’s also posted the form letters.

4 thoughts on “Syndication Bingo update

  1. It looks like Aaron is well on his way to a bingo in the form letter category. Also found the entry funny about “VP of Rights & Acquisitions of Universal Press Syndicate, asking me to resend my submission because they have no record of it being sent. Which begs the question: How did they know I sent something if they never got it?”

  2. I was just thinking about this the other day, and wondered how it was going! Thanks for the update!

    How much would it stink to actually get a bingo and not be able to collect!?

  3. What The Duck is a great toon. One of my recent favs.

    When I see some of the recent syndicated toons, I wonder how WTD doesn’t get syndicated…


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