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Jim Borgman opines that Garry Trudeau should win the next Pulitzer Prize

Jim Borgman posted has latest cartoon on his blog depicting the Dixie Chicks, and Al Gore with their Grammy and Oscar Awards respectively with President Bush in the background saying, “So now who’s suddenly the good luck charm? Huh? Huh?” The title of the blog post is: “Next: Nobel Prize for Doonesbury.”

The title insinuates that Jim believes Garry Trudeau will be the next Pulitzer Nobel Prize winner for cartooning. I think that’s a fair opinion and one I hope to see. Garry has succeeded in doing what no other Bush loather has been able to do – support the troops yet criticizes the president.

UPDATE: A few months ago, Jim posted on his blog his formula for working through dry spells when ideas are sparse. His answer surprised me. He said he lowers his standards and slogs through it and moves on (paraphrased). Yesterday, I had one of those bad blog days and I published the above story which was pretty laden with bad inferences, and incorrect prize mentions. When I first saw his blog post (mentioning “Doonesbury”) – I did catch the motive for the title – many liberal artists do their best work when a polarizing conservative is in power. I instantly thought of Mike Luckovich – who’s a top cartoonist no matter who is in power, but certainly has demonstrated his best work when Newt Gingrich was the House Speaker and now President Bush and his war (for both of these Mike deservedly won the Pulitzer). So with the Pulitzer on my mind, I wrote up the story replacing “Nobel” with “Pulitzer”.

So, to Jim, your comments below are humbly taken and I apologize for sticking words in your mouth. Bad blog days or not, I goofed. Hope you’ll understand.

Community Comments

#1 Ginger Mayerson
@ 3:57 pm

Garry has succeeded in doing what no other Bush loather has been able to do – support the troops yet criticizes the president.

Huh? We’re all supporting the troops: supporting bringing them home NOW, getting them decent care in the VA hospitals, getting them properly equipped in wherever they are. Who has criticized Bush, let alone loathed him, has disparaged our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines? It’s the leadership, not the led I disparage, loathe, and criticize.

Your comment strikes me a reactionary and out of line, and I was enjoying your blog.

#2 Jim Borgman
@ 7:05 am

Though I think Garry Trudeau is worthy of the Pulitzer Prize in any given year, this one certainly included, you’ve made quite a leap to put words in my mouth, Alan.

My little joke blog headline was meant to add a far-fetched nomination to the list of the president’s critics who are receiving awards these days. It’s taken a bit of cartoon tone-deafness to turn that into “Jim Borgman Opines that Garry Trudeau Should Win the Next Pulitzer.”

My alternate headline was, “Molly Ivins Promoted to Sainthood.” In case you don’t get it, that’s a joke.

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