Time magazine stops runnning editorial cartoons

According to Daryl Cagle, Time Magazine has stopped printing editorial cartoons and there hasn’t been any complaints that they’re gone.

Regarding their decision, Daryl writes:

I have mixed feelings about Time running political cartoons. It is a great venue for our art form, and we want more readers to appreciate editorial cartoons, but Time was as bad as Newsweek in their choices of cartoons, often picking cartoons that were stale, Yahtzee gags. Their choices of funny, inoffensive cartoons so closely matched the preferences of Newsweek that Time and Newsweek would often run the same cartoon in the same week, which must have been an embarrassment to them.

Even so, it is sad to see another venue for editorial cartoons fade away, without so much as a complaint.

5 thoughts on “Time magazine stops runnning editorial cartoons

  1. Yahtzee gags is a term that Daryl came up to describe a situation where a goodly number of editorial cartoonists all use the same gag for the same event.

  2. From my understanding, it’s been that way for years.

    Nobody, however, noticed them until now, because there was barely any internet back then to read many editorials at the same place.

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