Killed cartoon book to hit stores in March

A new collection book will be coming out on March 12 entitled Killed Cartoons: Casualties from the War on Free Expression and as the title suggests, the book contains nearly 100 cartoons and illustrations that never saw print because they were axed by editors or publishers according to a story on the AAEC web site.

David Wallis, the author writes,

“(R)easonable motives sometimes inspire editors to kill,” Wallis writes in the introduction. “But too often … they suppress compelling illustrations, editorial cartoons, and political comics out of fear — fear of angering advertisers, the publisher’s golf partners, the publisher’s wife, the local dogcatcher, or the president of the United States, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, homophobes, gays, pro-choice advocates and anti-abortion protesters alike, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and midwestern grannies — especially midwestern grannies.

“[I]n this age of fearful editors, over-zealous government censorship, and media consolidation, controversial editorial art is frequently killed before publication, and the situation is getting worse.”

Cartoonists whose works appear in the book include: Clay Bennett, Matt Davies, Ted Rall, Milt Priggee, Rex Babin, Mikhaela Reid, Mike Lukovich, R.J. Matson
, Joel Pett, Bob Englehart, Steve Kelly, Mike Keefe, Steve Greenberg, J.D. Crowe, Randy Bish, Paul Combs, Godon Campbell and Daryl Cagle.

The book is priced at $15.95, but can be had through Amazon for $10.85.

One thought on “Killed cartoon book to hit stores in March

  1. While I understand that no one likes to be censored or edited, the title is incorrect … Casualties from the War on Free Expression … the internet is free expression, newspapers pay for what they print so it is not a first amendment violation for them not to print a cartoon.

    Catchy title though, I truly wish you all well at the bookstore!

    Here’s an altnate title “If you don’t buy this book you are violating the first amendment.” In fact, there may be a way to make it a manitory purchase.

    Tounge-in-cheek (or foot-in-mouth) from a one whose cartoons are 99.9% Dead On Arrival ! However, I can still express them freely. Hmm freely becomes the problem then … oh well, enough is already too much. I shall now sit in preparation for a water landing.

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