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Terri Libenson launches new Pajama Diaries web site

Terri Libenson, creator of The Pajama Diaries has launched a new web site to promote her feature and give fans a place to learn more about the herself and her work.

Community Comments

#1 Terri
@ 9:33 am


Thanks for posting this. I hope the site provides readers with some fun info on the characters and strips. I’ll be updating the samples from time to time.

Terri L

#2 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:03 am


You have a funny strip. Good Luck!

#3 Terri
@ 10:15 am

Thanks so much, Lucas!


#4 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:59 am

You’re very welcome. It’s always great seeing talented cartoonists succeeding.

#5 Norm Feuti
@ 11:19 am

Good luck with the site, Terri.

I read Pajama Diaries every day on DailyINK. It’s one of my favorites. You do a great job!

#6 Terri
@ 11:36 am

Thanks so much, Norm, I love your strip, too.
It’s really well-written, and the art is great.


#7 Rich
@ 1:17 pm

Nice looking web site! Nice sample cartoons. Good luck with your promo.

#8 Terri
@ 3:12 pm

Thanks, Rich. Much appreciated!

#9 Ed
@ 10:43 pm


Great page.

Norm and Terri,

Love both your strips. You’re both on my DailyInk list too.

My artist Melissa and I will be ‘joining the family’ in May:

(I’ve benn shamelessly promoting on here for weeks now. :D )

Good luck, and maybe we’ll all meet some day.


#10 Charles Brubaker
@ 3:04 am

Nice website, Terri. Love the strip from what I’ve seen.

Ed, good luck with your comic.

#11 Norm Feuti
@ 6:56 am

Congratulations, Ed!

I’ll be sure to check out your strip when it debuts. Good luck!

#12 Terri
@ 12:44 pm

Charles, thank you. Ed, congratulations and good luck with your strip. Welcome to the insanity!
Hope we can all meet up someday, too.


#13 Ed
@ 10:25 pm

Terri and Norm,

Thanks. I’m sure the’ll be some event someday.


#14 John M.
@ 1:48 am

Hi Terri,

Great website – very clean and easy to navigate. Your drawing is excellent, too. BTW – your site says you use Microns for your artwork, but your characters show many thin-to-thick lines. Do you use a brush (pen) too?

Great work!

#15 Terri
@ 11:03 am

Hi John,

Thanks! I use all Microns, just different sizes. I tend to play around with the varying thickness of the lines. I also wear the pens out really quickly — thank goodness there’s an art supply store close by.


#16 markt
@ 10:19 pm

Hi, Terri…

I see your strip in the Inquirer and I think it is sharp, clean, funny and original (I love the strip title and the journal aspect!). You’re up against a formidable foe for the empty spot (SHERMAN’S LAGOON), but I think the comics needs more truthful female voices like yours and I predict a win! Hey, you already knocked out MALLARD FILMORE, PICKLES and ZIPPY (and something else I can’t remember)! You’re on a roll!

This is a really bizarre business and I wish you all the best and keep the faith!

Mark T

#17 Guy Gilchrist
@ 3:19 pm

Wow,Terri, You’re great! I really love your strip! Well, well done! For only using Microns, you’re getting a very nice rounded look, which is tough to do. All the doubling up of the line to get the thick and thin that we old guard take for granted with our dippens and brushes. Your outlook is fresh, your layouts….lovely, well concieved, and executed. I’m glad you wrote in to Alan or I might’ve never had seen the strip. I’m a new fan.
Nancy, Mudpie, Night Lights, Your Angels Speak, Jim Henson’s Muppets
Guy Gilchrist’s Cartoonist’s Academy

#18 Scott Nickel
@ 10:22 am


Let me chime in here and say that I’m a big fan of The Pajama Diaries too and read it faithfully on the Daily Ink.

Keep up the good work!

Your fellow KFS ‘tooner,
Scott Nickel

#19 Terri
@ 6:30 pm

Thank you so much, guys (Sorry — I just saw these postings…sick kids this week).

Mark, your work is amazing — you should be really proud of your accomplishments. Thanks for rooting for my ‘toon in the Inquirer (I love Philly and would really like to see my strip there. Fingers crossed…) Continued success to you as well!

Guy, that means a lot to me coming from such an accomplished, well-rounded cartoonist and artist.
Thanks so much. Any advice you have in this business I’d love to hear.

And Scott, thanks, too! I enjoy your strip as well on DailyInk. Your art is fun, and because I usually have to think of double punch lines between the strip’s narrative and dialog, three of ’em is astounding to me. Much success!


#20 Morris Benson
@ 7:21 pm

Hi! I mainly read the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, but they don’t carry your strip. The St. Paul Pioneer Press does. I am facinated by what you do… Later!
Keep up the good work!

#21 Melanie Aitken
@ 8:50 am

Thanks for making me laugh! I am a mom of 3. Sometimes when life is so crazy…I stop and have a moment to laugh at it all. You seem to have captured family life quite well and show us we can have a sense of humour about it all. I cut out your comics from the newspaper quite often and they are stuck to my fridge. I just wanted to say well done!

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Terri Libenson launches new Pajama Diaries web site The Daily Cartoonist

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