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Daryl Cagle creates contest to determine which best of book is best

Daryl Cagle is turning up the heat on the debate of which “best of” book is, well, best. With the recent release of Charles Brooks’ Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2007 (BECY), Daryl, who creates the The Best Political Cartoons of the Year 2007 (BPCY), is challenging readers of his blog to count the exact number of cartoons in each books to determine which book has the most cartoons. The first two with the accurate number wins a copy of his book that contains an original drawing on the back page. Additionally, he’s also challenging readers to count how many cartoons that dealt with the Muhammad Cartoon issue from each book. Again winners receive copies of the books with an original drawing.

I’ve stopped collecting Brooks’ book a few years ago and I’ve yet to pick up a Cagle BPCY, so sounds like it’s time to give it a look-see.

Community Comments

#1 Pat Winslow
@ 9:13 am

What the…isn’t that like a football team asking their cheerleaders who the best team is?? Does Cagle really need the this amount of pseudo-adulation to salve his enourmous ego..???? oh yeah…you gotta buy my book to win a free book…duhhh…how many will be duped by this scam!!

#2 Zippy
@ 9:25 am

lol…this cagle guy must be a little insecure…geez

#3 Alan Gardner
@ 9:41 am

Think of it this way, if someone like me really wanted to participate (not having either book) – I’d have to go out and buy his book AND his competitor’s. After making these purchases, I am now competing to win another book that I now already own.

I don’t fault Cagle for trying to drum up interest for his book. Cartooning is a competitive business and those who treat cartooning as a business grow rich and those who treat it as an art get praise. Ego has nothing to do with it.

#4 Lefitte
@ 9:57 am

Do they both draw from across all the newspapers and syndicates?

#5 Daryl Cagle
@ 9:58 am

When I write some goofy thing in my blog, and other blogs, like this one, start writing about it and comparing the books, that’s a good thing, and it encourages me to write more goofy things in my blog. Charles Brooks shouldn’t complain, I see that I’ve sold some of his books through the link in my blog since putting up the “contest”.

#6 Alan Gardner
@ 10:05 am

Hmm. I haven’t sold any through my links above. Lemme try again… You can get Daryl’s book through Amazon AND Charles Brooks’ book as well. :)

#7 Daryl Cagle
@ 10:34 am

People prefer to click on pictures.

#8 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:36 am

I like both books. The Brooks book is very clean and straight forward. Cagle’s book is more artistic with the design and layout. Bully, to you both! Bully!

#9 fibroptx
@ 3:17 pm

I think Daryl’s just trying to get people to look at the covers of the two books side by side. The Charles Brooks cover design (or lack thereof) is really TERRIBLE. It looks completely amateur and really does a disservice to the many great cartoonists featured inside. The publisher should be ashamed for being too cheap to hire someone to do a decent design. Or better yet, get one of the artists to draw the cover â?? like Cagle did.
Cagle’s cover is quite busy and is not well-designed by any means, but it looks like a masterpiece compared to the Brooks one.

#10 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 4:15 pm

Well, as long as you can look at the cartoon, and see the name of the artist who drew it, it’s fine by me!

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