New comic debuts on

Via Brian Anderson’s Dog Eat Doug blog, comes news that a new comic has debuted on Universal Press’ GoComics web site. The new feature is called 44 Union Avenue by Mike Witmer.

Here’s the description:

Welcome to the lively household of Cheryl-Ann, parental advice columnist and single-mom parent of two precocious children — Jasper (your average 8-year-old lover-of-all-things-disgusting) and Jessie (whose stuffed bear Mingo is her rock and silent voice of reason). Then thereâ??s Jasperâ??s best friend Clancey, the ultimate fall guy. And Jack, the anti-dog.

Short-tempered and with an even shorter attention span, Jack loves television, boxer shorts, and wants Mingo dead. Despite Cheryl-Annâ??s sage pronouncements, she canâ??t always control the chaos that swirls around her.

But itâ??s fun watching her try.

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