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Cartoonists in the news: Charles Boyce

Charles Boyce is being honored with an exhibit of his feature, Compu-Toon in Barrington, IL. He was interviewed by the Daily Herald about that event.

Community Comments

#1 mark k.
@ 1:56 pm

I viewed this exhibit and was almost rolling on the floor. Mr. Boyce is such a funny person. It was a
fun and educational experience. I’m definitely a fan
of Compu-toon now.


#2 Eric Burke
@ 8:48 pm

At age 34, last October I went on my first ever anti biotic, amoxicillin to treat a sinus infection. I broke out in a complete body rash! I was pink as a pink pearl eraser and very itchy! To boot…I closed my store the night that my face/neck broke out with the rash. Very humiliating…

…avoid amoxicillin. It’s pure crap!

PS…Alan, so much for simple arithmetic solving the spam problomo…

#3 Alan Gardner
@ 10:49 pm

Actually, Eric, the arithmetic hack has dramatically dropped the number of spam that gets into the comments. I’ve still get a “trackback spam” that gets through every couple of days (for future readers – I deleted the spam comment that Eric is responding to). I’ll close up the trackback hole soon.

One other thing about the arithmetic hack – I rather enjoy the thought of making hundred’s of this countries most creative individuals use the left side of their brain every once in a while.

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