New local comic coming to Toledo Free Press

From the Toledo Free Press comes word that a new strip Biff and Riley will be adding to the line up at the end of this month. The new local comic strip is by Toledoan Jeff Payden and features two sibling dogs.

Payden described the main characters, two dogs, as “two brothers from the same litter and best friends.”

Since they are brothers, they fight with each other, but also teach each other lessons throughout the story. The comic is “life in the house from the dogs’ perspective.”

Biff and Riley will endure different adventures as they adjust to a new member of the household – a cat. The family and the cat will have secondary roles, Payden said.

It’s good to see a local strip get launched. There just isn’t enough local comics anymore, which is lamentable.

One thought on “New local comic coming to Toledo Free Press

  1. Has anyone had a chance to check out this strip?

    I don’t live in Toledo but I’ve been anxious to check out the strip.

    Is it syndicated?

    – Dominic

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