John Marshall credited as Blondie cartoonist

Beginning this last Sunday, John Marshall, the lead artist on the classic comic Blondie, has his name credited along side of Dean Young as the feature’s creators. John has been the lead artist for Blondie since 2005 and before that was the assistant artist since 2002. The article linked above has some interesting information as to the history of the feature, who’s been the artist over the years. Pleased to see John get the credit for his hard work on the feature.

5 thoughts on “John Marshall credited as Blondie cartoonist

  1. I always get angry when I read an article on Blondie. It is most often cited when someone needs an example of how out-of-touch comics have gotten. You cannot change people’s perceptions of the comics page when you have 70 year-old comics (espousing a perpective that’s at least 30 years gone) cluttering the landscape.

  2. blondie isn’t cluttering up the landscape as you put it. this strip has bee around for many years because people like it, so quit griping about it.

  3. I believe Blondie has been getting better of late, although I miss when Stan Drake drew it. Nobody could make Blondie sexier than Stan Drake.

  4. Blondie has always have great artwork: the characters are among the most difficult to draw right. But the strip to me is soulless. All the artist have drawn what was already established decades ago (Chic and Raymond) so they only copy. On the other hand Dean is just a manager of the strip. So the artist does not really create, but copy what someone else did and the owner of the strip can´t draw a line. For me that is soulless. Kinda what Watterson believed. Anyway, Blondie is stil respectable, unlike Hagar the horrible and Hi & Lois.

  5. John Marshall does a fantastic job drawing Blondie. It is such fun to see those 1930s pieces of furniture with such added items as a wide screen TV from today. Keep up the great work. I love to look at the drawings.

    Professor of Art, Emeritus

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