Hardin ‘Jack’ Burnley passes away

Several web sites are reporting that Hardin “Jack” Burnley, died last Tuesday on December 19 at the age of 95. Jack was best known for his contribution to Superman, Batman and other comic book heroes.

According to E&P, Jack “did sports cartoons in the 1930s, and later drew the “Batman” comic strip and newspaper illustrations.”

One thought on “Hardin ‘Jack’ Burnley passes away

  1. Jack was absolutely one of the greats. The thing about these guys from the Golden Age, we never knew who they were! I remember as a kid, getting the 80 page giants, and marveling at how many stories Bob Kane did by himself! And how his style changed from time to time! Since HIS was the only name on it…as a kid you just never knew.
    Then, as I got older and started going to those Phil Seuling Comic Conventions in the early 70s, I got to meet and even get autographs from some of these heroes! Back then, you could also still buy reading copies of the Golden Age work really cheaply, especially when the covers were half ripped off.
    I am pleased that Jack, Win Mortimer, Gill Fox, Klaus Nordling, Lou Fine (E. Lectron!), and so many others got to live long enough to get at least a little of the attention they deserved. I had the great honor to work with and be close to and learn from both Klaus and Gill. They loved it when someone knew their name.
    Alan, thanks for posting the story. I hope your readers took the time to go find Jack’s work online.

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