NY Comic Con to include comic strip legends

The New York Comic Con (February 23-25) will feature several King Feature Syndicate cartoonists/writers and one former Creators cartoonist. King Features has a booth for a dozen or more cartoonists to sign autographs and meet attendees. These include:

Isabella Bannerman (“Six Chix”), Chance Browne (“Hi and Lois”), Hy Eisman (“Popeye”), Ron Ferdinand (“Dennis the Menace”), Joe Giella (“Mary Worth”), Larry Lieber (“The Amazing Spider-Man”), Patrick McDonnell (“Mutts”), Graham Nolan (“The Phantom” [Sundays] and “Rex Morgan, M.D.”), Rina Piccolo (“Tina’s Groove” and “Six Chix”), Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”), Mark Schultz (“Prince Valiant”), Brian Walker (“Hi and Lois”), Greg Walker (“Hi and Lois”), and Mort Walker (“Beetle Bailey”).

Stan Lee will be a Guest of Honor at the convention. The bio for Stan mentions that the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art will also be opening a yet-to-be-named exhibit featuring Stan that same weekend.

Frank Cho, Liberty Meadows creator, is also listed as a Guest of Honor.

3 thoughts on “NY Comic Con to include comic strip legends

  1. I just hope this year they have all the kinks ironed out. Last year, it was almost impossible to get through the front gates, and those that did were crammed in like sardines. It was almost impossible to talk to anyone.

  2. Last year’s King Features table was great. They shifted artists in and out throughout the day, so I stopped by as often as I could. I got half-a-dozen signed prints and a few quick sketches. It’s great news that King Features is doing this again.

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