Barkeater Lake to live on afterall

Earlier this month, Corey Pandolph announced that he was retiring his strip Barkeater Lake which had been published online at and in two newspapers. But reader feedback from that announcement has convinced him to carry on with the strip.

He writes:

Just thought you folks would like to know Barkeater Lake will be continuing on, beginning January 22nd. The overwhelming fan mail asking for the strip to continue has convinced me to take BL out on its own.

Corey is taking orders for the first Barkeater Lake book which will include all of his cartoons from the entire first year, including color Sundays, never before published strips and commentary. Francesco Marciuliano (writer for Sally Forth) has written the forward. The first 250 books sold will be signed, numbered and contain an original sketch. Visit his blog to pre-order.

4 thoughts on “Barkeater Lake to live on afterall

  1. Awesome… and you’ve *GOT* to bring the squirrels back šŸ™‚

    If you’re going to be the only one running this strip (not worrying about newspapers and their requirements), this really opens up the possibilities. Three strips or so a week would really free up your time, and you won’t be limited to the standard black-and-white rectangular panel.

    Thanks for listening to your whiny fans!

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