WPWG to launch ‘Little Dog Lost’ in March

The Washington Post Writers Group web site has a page for a new strip they plan to launch beginning March 27, 2007 called Little Dog Lost by Steve Boreman.

From the WPWG web site is this description of the feature:

A lost little dogâ??s picture hangs on a telephone pole, a note begging for his return, reward offered, no questions asked. But the picture was taken some time ago, the poster now faded and curled from sun and rain. The Little Dog is a long way from the home he longs for. But truth be told, for Little Dog, the adventure of the open road is addictive â?? fraught with exploits both humorous and heroic, filled with characters both good and bad (but always interesting), and imbued with life lessons.

Like any good adventure story, Little Dog Lost by Steve Boreman is a metaphor for broader concepts and bigger concerns. It contains parables and morality plays, palatably packaged in humorous comic strip form.

Steve Boreman is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator from Ohio. He was a panelist in last month’s Mid-Ohio-Con where he spoke of his new feature.

Thanks to Charles Brubaker for sending me the link!

4 thoughts on “WPWG to launch ‘Little Dog Lost’ in March

  1. Anyone notice that the announcement of LDL hasn’t recieved any acrimonious comments like Deisle Sweeties has.
    Makes you think…

  2. Interesting, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the release of “Little Dog Lost”. The artwork is very pleasing to the eye and the subject matter seems as though it will make for some very interesting storylines.

    Congrats Steve!

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