Changes abound on funny pages

Here’s a quick run down of the pickups and droppings this week.

The Observer in Dunkirk, NY has picked up Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse which will replace Bill Amends FoxTrot that is dropping its daily feature.

Darby Conley’s Get Fuzzy is on a trial run at the Gazette-Times (Corvallis, OR). To make room, Classic Peanuts is moved to the classified section.

Over in the News-Times, they’ve picked up Jef Mallett’s Frazz to replace Rob Cabrera’s outgoing Silo Roberts. They are also adding Hector Cantu and Carlos Castellanos’ Baldo to replace the outgoing daily version of FoxTrot.

The Sun-Sentinel is replacing the outgoing Silo Roberts with Patrick McDonnell’s Mutts.

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